April 4, 2013

eleanor is one!

we decided to celebrate with a little backyard bash
 here's the birthday girl!
it's hard to believe she's a year already
but we have all been so excited for her
i love having a large family because the love is multiplied
noah, hazel and olive have been so excited to celebrate their baby sister
 today was the nicest day all week
it was perfect
 eleanor truly is the sweetest girl
and we are so grateful she is in our family
 i made all the kids party hats
i think they look pretty cute
 we had pizza and watermelon for dinner
 i made two cakes
a small one for eleanor 
and a bigger one for the rest of us
 i love this girl
 here's the "family" cake
it's definitely not perfect but i was pretty proud of it
and it was way easier to frost it like this than i thought
 here she is starting to dig in
my attempt at ombre didn't turn out as cute as i thought but....
 the kids liked it
 eleanor ate a bit of hers and then just started hitting it
silly girl
she needed a bath, for sure
it was such a fun day celebrating our girl
i love her so much
we have been though a lot this year
eleanor truly is the sweetest girl
but as a mother, this has definitely been my hardest year
isn't it funny how that works?
the hardest times are always the most meaningful
eleanor is so special to me
happy birthday sweet girl!

ps. eleanor's birthday party was featured here on apartment therapy


Shirley said...

What an adorable girl. It doesn't seem like a year has passed already. You always think of great things to do for your family.

Janet said...

The kids are darling as always - just have to say though - amazing cake! I think those are so pretty.

Natalie Smith said...

This all turned out so perfect Rachael! What a great party and day for your whole family! Happy Birthday Eleanor!

miriam said...

that looks like such a perfect birthday celebration!

April said...

What a cute girl! I like your cake I made one a lot like it for Hana's birthday!

PaigeE said...

Um hello, it's me, your stalker. You are spectacular at everything! Baby making especially. All of your kids are adorable. Happiest of birthdays to Eleanor and congratulations to you for making it through the last year.

The Pitts Family said...

Your cake turned out awesome. Ombre included. Happy Birthday to Eleanor! Your family is so beautiful Rachael!

andre'a said...

what is obmbre style? that cake, both of them, GORGEOUS! they are beautiful, French! i love the outdoor party. that was a lot of work and it turned out perfect. love you!

The Oyler's said...

Perfect party for a perfect little girl. The cakes looked awesome and you do too! :)

Kristin said...

Would you like to play party planner for my kids' parties? I don't pay well. . . but I love what you do!